Corporate, Management, and Leadership Training

Looking for the next location for your staff outing or company picnic? We have the place for you!

We provide great staff retreat & training opportunities in this unique location in the Raleigh area.

At TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a natural park. However, don’t think we are so slow and quiet that your group will be bored, as you will be able to climb and adventure up high in the trees. In order to fully experience what the park has to offer, we have a multitude of experiences available that lead to staff bonding & team building.

We have picnic tables that can be moved around to either be spread out around the park, or consolidated to one area depending on your needs. We have no restrictions on catering, so bring in your favorite catering company! Alcohol is allowed on site with your group so long as you provide it. However, be aware that once you have even a sip of alcohol, you can no longer climb. We always suggest to plan for alcohol after you climb.

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