1. The Health Benefits of Ziplining Part 2

    Ziplining is one of those scarce activities that’s both healthy and fun. Most things in life are either healthy or fun. Food is a great example of this. The foods that taste the best, like sugary soda and fatty hamburgers, often aren’t great for our health. And, foods that are very nutritious, l…Read More

  2. The Health Benefits of Ziplining Part 1

    When it comes to fun, nothing beats ziplining. If you’re looking for a little adventure and thrill, ziplining is the way to go. Even people who are afraid of heights find a reason to smile while zipping through the trees and being, quite literally, on top of the world. The bottom line is that zipl…Read More

  3. The Ultimate Adult Digital Detox

    Between technology and our assortment of electronic devices — from phones and laptops to tablets and TV — being completely disconnected these days just doesn’t happen. The familiar scene of everyone being tuned into their email while waiting in line for lunch or for their named to be called at…Read More

  4. How To Cultivate An Adventurous Spirit in Your Child

    At the moment, technology is winning. It is winning over mother nature and the adventures she provides, traded for indoor video and computer games where kids can zone out, seated for hours. Since it’s Spring Break and the kiddos are out of school, use this time to get them out and into the trees i…Read More

  5. How We Can All Benefit From Proprioception

    Proprioception is often referred to as the sixth sense — minus Haley Joel Osment — but most are not familiar with the term. Proprioception gives us the ability to mindlessly eat snacks in a dark movie theater without spilling (too much) or effortlessly changing gears in a car while pushing in th…Read More

  6. Live Out Your Ewok Dreams at TreeRunner Adventure Park!

    We’ve approached the spring season with warmer weather and where plants and animals are waking from their winter naps! Are you too coming out of hibernation? Did you spend the winter months hunkering down, eating delicious and hearty meals, and resting? If you’re slowly thawing out and looking f…Read More

  7. How TreeRunner Raleigh Will Test Your Fitness

    If you’re looking for a sure way to test your fitness, a day spent at TreeRunner Raleigh is the place to do it! Whether you’re doing a search for, “adventure park near me” or “obstacle course,” you will find both here! Adults need a place to run around and let off steam, too! At TreeRunn…Read More

  8. Finding Resilience Among The Trees

    Navigating through life is hard at times, as you are faced with difficulty and uncertainty that it ushers in — life is known for the lemons that it so willingly and freely gives. Have you ever noticed those that can take setback after setback with enough lemons to grow a tree and with the weight t…Read More

  9. What to Wear At TreeRunner Adventure

    While you’re gracing the red carpet (more like strolling the dirt path) during your aerial activities, proper attire will make your experience at Treerunner Adventure much more enjoyable! At TreeRunner Adventure, you’ll be sky-high and dancing among the trees in one of our breathtaking aerial ad…Read More