1. Facts About Adventure Parks That Will Impress Your Friends

    History Facts Rope courses date back to the late 1800s, when courses were built in France, mostly to serve as a physical challenge for participants. Rope courses were also used during the Second World War as a way to improve physical fitness in the British military Ropeways or aerial cables have bee…Read More

  2. What Guests Are Saying About TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park

    So, you’ve heard of “outdoor adventure parks”, but you aren’t sure what they are or what to expect on your first visit.  We’ve got two thoughts about this.  First, there’s plenty of people like you in the Raleigh/Durham area. And second, you’ve come to the right place to figure out w…Read More

  3. Team-Building & Aerial Adventure Parks!

    It’s been a busy summer here at Raleigh-Durham’s one and only aerial adventure park, so we haven’t gotten very much time to write our usual monthly blog or two. That said, we’ve been able to find a few spare moments to highlight what you should know about zip-lining, the mental health benefi…Read More

  4. Zip Lining 101 – What You Should Know

    Welcome to your crash course on zip lining. Wait. Scratch that title — let’s just stick to zip lining 101, shall we?  All kidding aside, we are excited to share with you the basics of zip lining, which just so happens to be one of the many activities you can engage in at our aerial adventure pa…Read More

  5. The Mental Health Benefits Of Physical Activity & Exercise

    TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park is the place to be in the Triangle this summer! Whether you are planning a team-building activity, birthday party, school field trip, or just want to get out among the treetops with your family or friends, it doesn’t matter! We’ve got over 70 exciting obstacles,…Read More

  6. Corporate Outings & Other Ways To Show Your Staff You Care

    In our last blog, how to show your employees you appreciate them, we wrote a blog specifically for supervisors, managers, and employers out there who just might be in need of a calibration of sorts. Being an employer, and therefore managing a staff, is no easy task — this much is certain. Not only…Read More

  7. How To Show Your Employees You Appreciate Them

    In our most recent post, we took the opportunity to offer up a few tips about developing young leaders in the workplace. As you could probably guess, one of them had to do with taking the whole gang to our treetop adventure course in Raleigh, the aptly named Treetop Raleigh Adventure Park! As much a…Read More

  8. Developing Leaders with a Ropes Course

    No matter the context, developing young leaders takes a certain degree of intentionality. You need a strategy, otherwise your hope of growing “tomorrow’s leaders” isn’t going to come to fruition. The demands of the workday will almost always take precedence unless you take the time to formul…Read More