TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park offers 70 exciting obstacles and zip lines, three difficulty levels, and seven different courses, there is plenty to explore at our outdoor adventure park in Raleigh! 

Experience our unique course in the trees on your own, or with friends and family! This is the perfect outdoor adventure for birthday parties, team building, school field trips, and special events. No matter your experience level, fitness ability, or age, there is something for you at TreeRunner.

Located on the David R. Kahn Jewish Community Campus in North Raleigh. Contact us to book your experience at TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park today!

About TreeRunner Parks

TreeRunner Adventure Parks was founded by a team of Michigan outdoor enthusiasts. After discussing the unique desire to climb trees, our team first rooted in 2014 yearning for an innate childhood desire that follows us into our adult lives. Providing a unique and challenging experience for individuals, families and groups, TreeRunner reminds us how important it is to engage directly with nature and to never let go of your childhood. 

Set in forests, where upon entering you will see obstacles and ziplines connected by different platforms and bridges in the trees.

Quite literally, climbing the trees at TreeRunner encourages self growth and accomplishment. TreeRunner Parks has evolved with that accomplishment and currently owns and operates four aerial adventure parks nationally – three in Michigan and one in North Carolina. 

Climbing is fun, but what’s most rewarding is watching climbers walk in as cautious observers and leave as confident adventurers. Seeing the look on our guests’ face when they realize hey, I can do this is what makes it worth it.

What is an Aerial Adventure Park?

Originally designed in Europe, Aerial Adventure Courses have recently emerged as a new and unique outlet for outdoor recreation in the United States. Individuals, families, and groups can come and enjoy obstacle courses of various degrees of difficulty while being suspended in the tree canopy. Different types of obstacles, such as zip lines, barrels, cargo nets, and bridges, are connected between platforms constructed around trees, in a sustainable manner. Held to the rigorous standards put forth by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) and the American Standard for Testing and Materials (ASTM), your safety is our greatest priority. We use a self-guided continuous belay system that maximizes safety while climbing. While we love describing our aerial adventure parks, ultimately, you need to come and try this outdoor adventure for yourself!

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Family Fun

Our parks provide an experience that families can enjoy together. With various difficulty levels, courses, and elements, there is something for all ages, stages, and ability levels to enjoy. No prior climbing experience is necessary! Our obstacles at TreeRunner are designed to challenge you both mentally and physically. With our Junior Park, kids as young as 4 years old are able to enjoy the thrill of climbing through the trees. So whether you have been looking for a ropes course in Raleigh or a zip line in Durham, TreeRunner is worth experiencing for the whole crew.

Eco-Friendly Tourism and Recreation

Ecotourism has emerged as a new category of outdoor recreation that focuses on sustainability, personal growth, and environmental education. Not only does it emphasize the importance of environmental awareness, but it also promotes positive community impact and development. Reserve your aerial adventure today!